We develop interactive panels, which visualize the processes and contribute for configuring the settings and systems control, as well as for easier and more efficient control.

We will work with you from the initial concept and during the development of the interface. You will be able to review and change visualization of the software before its final completion. The administrative panel will give possibility for controlling, observing, analyzing the process application. The user will be able to perform the appropriate actions in response to system events. We will develop your user interface, which will meet specific application requirements, as we do everything easy to use, easy to operate and renovate.

Some of the integrated support instruments for system configuration, video surveillance, data management software package in the operator panel can include surveillance in real time, database with history, graphic approach, alarms, event recording, distance surveillance, and generating reports.

Smart Home Sys provides clients and partners with many engineering services:

Creating new managements systems

– Upgrade and conversion of existing systems

– Graphic design

– Creating specific management systems

After successful installation and integration of systems for automated control, the company provides support and training of operators. A company’s engineer stays in place during the shifts, in order to assist and solve the problems, which can occur with new equipment and program changes. Such training includes demonstration of the operations for a new console, assistance with input output signals of some alarms and their exact meaning, or identification, where their location is in the system, and when they are going to be switched on or off. Other possibilities are demonstration of operation of control devices, pressing buttons and keys, starting the equipment.

Types of systems for visualization:

– Environment for control by visualization of the manufacture processes.

– Centralized digital control and monitoring of all processes.

/ production processes, energy management, management personnel/

– Decentralized control by modules

/ HMI interface modules/

– Software provision and possibilities for upgrading systems

– Back up and summary of major indicators related to the work processes in the production

/ manufacture planning, power consumption, etc./

– Integration with CMR and ERP systems