The modern way of life led to the development of many new systems, which though created separately to facilitate ourselves, combined in one whole project lead to several inconveniences.

The overburdening of a certain building with the necessary installations for every system leads to considerable complication of the whole maintenance of the building during the period of exploitation, having in mind that the complication is on a level technical maintenance and exploitation level.

Another factor with a significant importance is the increased price of the whole cable network. Besides, when we add the current of signals and informative messages that is transmitted from every system, it leads to a large amount of information, which the user is burdened to analyze and to operate. After bringing in innovations in the building sites, slowly but certainly the burden of operating all systems separately starts settling down. The following question rises:

Why do we need to spend lump amounts of money for things, which will only hang on the walls after two, three years. After all, can the problem be solved rationally?


The solution exists and it comes from the change of the original idea for what we can expect from our building. If we gather different systems in a whole one, called BMS – building management system, things look totally different. If we succeed to make our building from the very main entrance after reading our individual access card to identify us as an exactly defined user and before even reaching our office, the building to have prepared it with optimal conditions for work, to have adjusted the working room with optimal temperature and lighting, controlling the lighting fixtures, shades and air conditioning according to the user’s settings and outside atmosphere conditions. Moreover to maintain these conditions permanent during the whole stay inside without the need to take action whatsoever .