Building Automation

Building Automation

Until now most installations in buildings are designed and built separately by different companies, which results in not having a unique sphere for control, observation and communication among them.
This leads to lack of total picture for the processes inside the building and does not give opportunity for automatic resetting of the other installations when registering breakdown or conditions being changed.
The increasing price of the energy and its consuming in modern buildings leads to increasing the monthly expenses for its maintenance.
The installation of more systems and more complicated ones in large buildings requires multiple and more qualified personnel for maintaining the different systems. Lately we spend more time in enclosed rooms, thus it is very important our security and comfort in different buildings to be constantly at a high level and its advantage from economic point of view.

Building automation in its essence consists of a central system, gathering data from all installations in the building and controlling their work according to the desired consumer’s parameters and different factors such as outside atmospheric conditions, occupation of different rooms, time of day, etc.
Our solutions for home & building automation include the full range of products from basic until management level in the operating system.

With an established building automation, the consumer observes and can manually operate different installations through a united user interface, accessible through internet as well. This gives a lot of freedom to our customers to be informed about the condition of the building and the consumption of energy, water and gas.
The software system gives opportunity for link with other systems, as well as delivering different reports for the whole building, part of it or building installation.

Putting into practice the building automation does not limit itself only to office buildings. It can be used in every type of building for different purposes, integrating all installations or only those ones of utmost importance in carrying out the process or giving the most efficiency in terms of means.