Products for industrial automation

– Design of automated systems
– Preparation of documentation

– Construction of cable routes
– Cable wiring
– Communication networks

Field Automation
– Delivery of equipment and spare parts
– Variable frequency drives and soft starters
– Sensors, valves and actuators, thermostats

Electric control panels
– Using high quality components
– Equipment for power НН
– Equipment for industrial control and automation
– Industrial controllers – PLC
– Certificates for origin and quality

Software for control
– Programming and tuning controllers – PLC,DDC,PAC
– High reliability and fast operation

Software for visualization
– Systems and devices for visualization – HMI,SCADA, Tablets
– Consumer oriented and multilingual environment
– Alarms, recipes, trends and archives
– Access levels

– Commissioning and adjusting
– Education and documentation
– Services orders

Complex solutions for:
– Information and communication infrastructure to secure communication and management capacity
/communication with separate modules of production/

– Design and production of electric panels for automation and control
– Automation of electrical installations of manufacture components
/motors, pumps, cranes, etc./

– Monitoring and signaling of production indices
/stock, indicators of the separate machine components, etc., signaling/

– Centralized and decentralized control
/ opportunities for work in emergency mode /

– Centralized integration of the production processes
/ integration of all processes in a central system for manufacture control/