Suitable systems for your apartments:

Automation for apartments will play more important role in the living and welfare of its inhabitants. The choice of the most suitable systems is one of the keys to achieve maximum performance and optimized comfort. The convenience is to control and monitor your home wherever you are. The opportunity is to activate constant automated settings. All that gives luxury to the modern resident to have their home wherever they are and to control it with a button click – air conditioners, boilers and other household appliances.

– Electric boiler control
– Energy management – reporting of electricity and water in real time
– Management of air – automatic and time mode
– Recording temperature in rooms
– Control through internet – you can control the system from any part of the world
– Wall and wireless panels for control – universal software
– Universal control – universal software for mobile device
– Alarm alert– flooding, fire, security systems, etc.
– Accessories – automated bird feeders, irrigation systems, etc.

Products for Business buildings

The modern requirements for BMS from the clients side are more demanding toward opportunities for control and management of business buildings. Our company creates integrated BMS solutions, which allow total reduction of the expenses depending on automated systems.

Main advantages are:

Absolute compatibility – KNX is a modern open standard, used by leading manufacturers in Europe.
– High level of integration – software integrated toward all user requirements. „Energy Management”, „Public Relations Management”, Monitoring the operations of the systems, analyzing, and many other integrated solutions.
– For correct assessment of opportunities regarding automation of your buildings we offer in advance creating new conceptual designs for BMS systems.

Main systems suitable for business buildings are:
– Energy Management – remote reading of water, electricity, gas, etc. in premises
– Automated control of HVAC systems (Heating, Ventilation, Air Conditioning)
– Centralized automation light control – systems DALI
– Systems for security and access control
– Blinds control
– Alert systems
All products which are certified under KNX, can successfully be integrated in the system. We work with multiple systems, protocols and standards such as LonWorks, ModBus, BACNet.