With a touch, you can fulfill the desired settings for all systems in a building.

-Control of the lighting

Adjust for better comfort, switch on and off with the purpose of simulating presence when you are longer time away from home; automatic control when there is not enough lighting of the space; or automatic switch on, when a movement is detected.

– Audio and Video systems’ control

High tech multimedia opens up its full range of possibilities in front of you, according to your desires and preferences you can have all on your desktop and listen to the music you want.

Control of Air and Conditioning installations

Any time you can check the comfort of your home and prepare it with the desired temperature, a few minutes before you return home.

Control of electric appliances

All electric appliances with a remote control or which you plug in the socket can be controlled or switched on power, when you feel like.

Video surveillance

The video surveillance can become a part of your life style and you can have constant access, whenever & wherever you want.

Security and fire detection

Immediate precautions for your security, access to alarm systems

Access Control

At all times you can monitor who and when had access

Energy Management

– You have the option of constantly monitoring the consumed energy expenses

System Alert

– A specially developed software informs you about all that has occurred in your home. Regardless of where you are, you get a text message from your mobile.

Garden control

Your water systems and the state of the ground can be monitored and controlled even when you are not at home.

Pool control

The state of the pool is accessible not only from the spring, but also directly from the display of your mobile.