„Beside the petrol, charcoal, nuclear energy and alternative energy, there is a resource, which is not consumed yet – the efficiency. It is time to use it!” Forbes: “The fifth fuel”.

Energy is a constant part of our life – that is why it is not strange that the energy bills, (electricity, gas, etc.) are taking most of the budget for the majority of us. As it is with all the rest of the bills however, there are some approaches here, with the help of which you can minimize the use of energy, therefore saving part of the means in that direction.

One of these ways is the centralized use of the systems and appliances surrounding your daily routine actions. The very efficacy without complying with the consumer’s needs leads to inefficient use of energy. Due to this reason, separate systems and appliances lose their efficiency and decrease the general efficiency of the used energy.

The combination of unified communication environment for transmitting data and intelligent system for control allows optimal use of the surrounding systems and appliances. One of multiple examples: You have an electric boiler and a solar system for hot water.

The only thing that interests you is when you return back home to have hot water for a shower, but the solar system is not always heated, you have to switch on the boiler. With a centralized system you will always have hot water on the spot when you want and will have used the maximum sun energy during the day.

Intelligent control allows optimal use of the different systems and appliances for reaching the consumer’s demands. From such point of view it leads to drastic reduction of the bills.