The engineers of Smart Home Sys in electrical engineering have drawn experience from extensive spheres of different industries, as well as from continuous introduction of new technologies. From upgrade of a minor component to a design of a new system, our engineers strive to deliver to our client the product, which satisfies their special needs.

Important part of the engineering services include the provision of detailed information for each project. Detailed drawings in the preferred format by the client, details for each component used in design, and complete PLC, application development and software development. We don’t leave the client uninformed for what is used in the project, how it works. Our engineers provide support during installation and introduction of the systems in operation, as they assist with skills and experience in managing the project. Many of our clients reside in industrial buildings with continuous production, there the engineers are available to respond when needed.

The firm is focused on satisfying the client from the idea of the project until its completion with a lot of attention, communication, professionalism, which meet your expectations.